Broward Child Support Lawyer

There are probably more misconceptions about child support than any other aspect of divorce law. It seems like everyone has a brother-in-law whose best friend has a dog walker living a life of luxury funded entirely by child support payments from a former spouse. Then there is the often-told story of the millionaire next-door neighbor who was so much smarter than everyone else that he somehow got divorced without having to pay a single dime of child support for any of his ten children. Chances are you’ve heard some variation of these tall tales before.
Unfortunately, this common misconception about the way the law works contributes to a general anxiety and combativeness whenever the issue of child support comes up. Each side digs in and gets ready for war. It doesn't have to be this way.
Child support in Florida basically comes down to doing a bit of math. That is to say, each parent’s monthly child support obligation can be determined fairly quickly by using a statutory formula that incorporates a number of important factors – the number of children, the combined income of the parents, health insurance and childcare costs, etc.
Worried about paying too much for child support? Or maybe you think you're not getting enough? Our number one priority in these cases is making sure the numbers are right.
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