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Many people are surprised to learn that child custody and visitation do not technically exist in Florida. They have been replaced by the related concepts of parental responsibility, which refers to a parent's authority to make major child-related decisions, and timesharing, which is the time that each parent spends with a child.
A reasonable parental responsibility determination and a fair timesharing schedule are both essential components for developing a Florida parenting plan which is mandatory in all cases that involve the care and wellbeing of minor children.
A parenting plan is a written document that sets forth each parent’s rights and responsibilities regarding the child and generally describes how the parent-to-parent and parent-to-child relationships should be handled. At a minimum, the parenting plan must specify what child-related duties each parent will be responsible for on a day-to-day basis and it must include a timesharing schedule that specifies the time the child will spend with each parent (including holidays). When constructing an effective parenting plan, it is important to carefully consider the child’s current and future needs.
We understand the unique and important nature of the parent-child relationship. Our office is dedicated to helping parents maintain those relationships by preserving their rights and the rights of their children. We'll craft a parenting plan that respects and protects your parental rights, limits conflict, and fosters strong bonds between both parents and their child(ren).
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