Broward Property Division Lawyer

Who gets what? This is one of the most common questions in a divorce case. And, depending on the size of the marital estate, the answer can either be simple and straightforward or complex and time-consuming.
Divorce courts have a lot of discretion to grant or not grant relief to the parties in a divorce case. But one thing the court absolutely must do, without exception, is to divide the marital assets and liabilities. That is to say, the court in a divorce case has a duty to identify which assets and liabilities are marital in nature and to distribute them appropriately between the parties.
The division of property is one of the most fact-dependent determinations that a court will make in a divorce case. It's important to have a qualified and experienced divorce attorney on your side to ensure the accurate classification and valuation of assets and to ensure a fair distribution that takes into account the contributions made by each spouse to the marriage.
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